Welcome to the Porch

This isn’t your average porch.  Come visit.  There’s room for you.  It’s bigger than it looks.  We’ll get another chair.   The dog doesn’t bite unless you pontificate or hog all the conversation — and then it’s usually just a nip.


Open your mind a bit first…then come on up, sit down, relax, enjoy the company, and look for something new to learn. Start with the I am on the Porch page, then go to the page 1, the Introduction page, under the Chapters section.  Or do it the other way around.  Suit yourself.

The Porch-2


2 responses to “Welcome to the Porch

  1. Gayle Ingram

    Wow, first time I was able to understand something about ENERGY…usually my mind just turns off. Great article! Thank you


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